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SoulDesires Mapping - Resolutions That Resolve
Feb 2019
SoulDesires Mapping
Resolutions That Resolve
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Hi there!

Do we set goals or do the goals set us up?
Do goals set us up to miss the mark and feel like a failure and almost give up!

I dont make new years resolutions any more!

Now, I need to make a confession; I do not make new year’s resolutions. This came about after years of setting meticulous resolutions and half way in the year I would already be tired and discouraged.

The height of frustration and self-imposed shame

When I got frustrated by yet another year of failed goals, I would get online and do some research on setting “failure proof goals”. I would come across amazing tools in the internet about making goals work, resolutions that deliver, etc! But my results were always the same. I would end up feeling guilty and every time I felt like I was carrying “resolutions debt” from the previous years. And by the time I am on my 6th year of the same exercise, you can imagine the weight of the feelings of failure, “not good enough”, indebtedness and “I can’t be helped”.

So I simply stopped setting resolutions, because they were not resolving anything!!

I realized that I wanted to resolve some things in my life! And what I was setting as my external resolutions were actually disconnected with the internal aches of my soul.

For example. A resolution would say, “this year I am going to save more.”
Then you may say, “that’s the problem! that goal is blur!”
So I would change it to “I will make Kshs 1M this year!
And I would declare it, claim it, will it, believe it!!!

But by the end of the year guess what? The ATM could dare tell me “you have insufficient funds

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I was saving, but, life happens! Emergencies come up! And I am just angry!! At myself, and my earnings, and my work!! I would tell myself that maybe I just needed to change jobs. And I would do, and I would get paid more money, but the ATM at some point gives me that same dreadful message!!

What was wrong with this picture!!! what was wrong with me?

So what does one do in the new year? Because even if you do not set resolutions, the truth is that the new years bug will bite! You will still reflect on your life, and you would STILL want more for your life, or something fresh or different and just to change some things!

Your desire to change is genuine, but your convictions are not!

This is a genuine desire to resolve some inner struggles, eliminate undesirables outcomes in our spiritual lives, habits, finances, work, parenting, marriages and personal lives.

I would like to share with you an EFFECTIVE WAY of resolving your life obstacles so you can make life goals that are informed by your SOULDESIRES, what you ache for, your deepest convictions! All my work is driven by my approach called “DEEPER FOR HIGHER” and is based on Spiritual anchoring, Soul Alignment, and Strategy Actualization

SOULDESIRE mapping is a holistic and wholesome approach that would cover clear desired outcomes as drivers for your annual goals. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work!

Hint, hint! Disgust (at your status quo), and deepest conviction (youve got to dig through the layers of false hope for this) is powerful fuel!


Date: 2nd February 2019
Time: 8am-4:00pm
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